Welcome to the 2013 Saracen British Downhill Series R1 Combe Sydenham     April 13th , 14th  


Every Media person that has signed on with a vest must wear it, Not hanging from their bag or tucked in the pockets.  If a person has to be told twice to wear a vest we will ask for the return and money refunded . Anyone acting in a dangerous  manner to get “ that shot” will be told and number logged.   If they repeat it we will remove the bib and pass for the rest of the season.We need to be safe. You asked for the media accreditation, we ask you to wear it. Uplifts are provided for you..  Media Vests collect from sign on.  


In Return  you will receive Electricity,  Uplift Access Please wear your helmet at all times,   Hardwire Internet Connectivity,  Press Office with tables and chairs.  Access to B zones


Welcome to the 2013 Saracen BDS rounds.    The Pass and Vest can be picked up from myself  from the Media sign on tent from Saturday 8.30 to 11.00 and Sunday 8.30 to 9.30    If you are unable to arrive for this ring myself when onsite to arrange on 07818 812450  If no answer I am contactable direct on the radio, Just see someone to call me.   You will be required to pay a £10  deposit for the vest refundable on return of vest of which is after Podiums on Sunday or you can keep vest for the deposit £10 if you wish.    You are required to sign on at each round you attend so we are able to know who's here and who's not on site if we need to contact you.    Some of you may have last years vests..  These are NOT to be used in compliance with the 2013 current sponsor.   Please add me to your mobile phone as you may need to contact me during the event. 07818 812450

Don't forget the media tent ( Sponsored by Surf & Turf ) for battery charging, Wi Fi and running sheets.

Please take note of the below . VERY IMPORTANT  This is so you are crystal clear on the rules and marshal instructions.


We have the best marshals in the land and everyone is over 21 years of age so no kids looking after the riders and you in your time of need!

Their role is to ensure the safety of you the Worlds fastest racers, the spectators watching as well as ensuring nobody cuts the tape/corners. The main rule to follow is you must stay behind the tapes. Again you must stay behind the tapes at all times when taking Video or Snapping , Marshals have been instructed regarding this. So Cross the course if needed get to were you need to and get behind.  That picture is not worth your life.


Please adhere to these instructions to the letter. We back our marshals 100% and failure to promptly comply with their instructions or any verbal or physical abuse towards our marshals will result in you being disqualified and excluded from the race and possibly the series.

The racing starts at 9am on the Saturday and 8.30am Sunday (If B zones are used access to the photo zones will be limited to accredited persons only).

Waiver and Conditions

If this Accreditation is approved an Accreditation Pass will be issued by the Saracen British Downhill Series - BDS for the sole purpose of providing limited access to the designated holder ('the Holder') during events conducted by BDS. This Pass is personal, non-transferable and revocable at any time at the BDS sole discretion. Unauthorised use or alteration of this Accreditation Pass may result in the temporary or permanent removal of the  Accreditation Pass and the possessor's and/or the Holder's ejection from the venue. The Holder assumes all risks incidental to his/her actions, assumes all risks incidental to his/her attending the Event and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless BDS from any and all claims, damages, losses, costs and liabilities including, without limitation, personal injuries and/or property losses, caused by, resulting from or in connection with his/her presence at the Event. 

The Holder may not broadcast, publicise or make commercial use of any visual or audio media of any kind of the Event if it breaches any licensing contracts agreed to by BDS. The Holder irrevocably consents to the use by BDS of photographs, films, tapes or any other visual or audio media of his/her name, likeness, image or voice in any manner whether authorised or not. The Holder also recognises that he/she must immediately report the theft, loss or unauthorised use of the Accreditation Pass. Acceptance of an Accreditation Pass constitutes agreement by the Holder of the foregoing conditions.                          This list is inexhaustible 


Look forward to seeing you all their for even better racing than last year

Be Safe


Si Paton                   Halo BDS Race Director   

Ian Cross                 Halo BDS Media Manager