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Well today was the return for me to FOD for the last in the series of 661 mini DH. Although weather was cold at time the ground was firm for the riders to battle it out.. All went smoothly for the organiser Chris Robert ending with Podiums
661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 1661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 2661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 3661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 4661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 5661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 6661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 7661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 8661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 9661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 10661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 11661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 12661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 13661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 14661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 15661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 16661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 17661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 18661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 19661_dh_FOD_RUN1_feb_13_ 20