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Well with a cold start to the day riders got underway at 10.30 sharp getting many punchers along the iced up flint based fire road. Then being met by a very ice corner which took rider after rider down. I even had to to make a separate crash album. Crazy
TMTB_R2_ 111-16-53TMTB_R2_ 211-20-24TMTB_R2_ 311-20-59TMTB_R2_ 411-21-16TMTB_R2_ 511-21-46TMTB_R2_ 611-21-52TMTB_R2_ 711-21-54TMTB_R2_ 811-22-08TMTB_R2_ 911-24-18TMTB_R2_ 1011-24-24TMTB_R2_ 1111-25-25TMTB_R2_ 1211-25-38TMTB_R2_ 1311-27-47TMTB_R2_ 1411-38-01TMTB_R2_ 1511-38-13TMTB_R2_ 1611-38-20TMTB_R2_ 1711-38-22TMTB_R2_ 1811-38-23TMTB_R2_ 1911-38-25TMTB_R2_ 2011-38-29