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This years Thetford D2D saw no rain and it made a difference to people vibe for the whole event.. Some 600 plus riders on track a bit lower than last year but a brilliant event of 12 hours continual racing for all teams and solo riders alike.
D2D_Podiums_ 4710-07-44D2D_Start_ 120-02-42D2D_Start_ 220-03-30D2D_Start_ 320-03-31D2D_Start_ 420-03-34D2D_Start_ 520-03-36D2D_Start_ 620-03-37D2D_Start_ 720-03-41D2D_Start_ 820-03-42D2D_Start_ 920-03-43D2D_Start_ 1020-03-45D2D_Start_ 1120-03-46D2D_Start_ 1220-03-48D2D_Start_ 1320-03-51D2D_Start_ 1420-03-52D2D_Start_ 1520-03-54D2D_Start_ 1620-03-55D2D_Start_ 1720-04-01D2D_Start_ 1820-04-03D2D_Start_ 1920-04-05