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This weekend saw a long Gnarly track with the steepest woodland section around. 42 Rider over the course of Saturday decided it was not for them and went on their way.. Only 1 Ambulance for the weekend makes a very happy time had by all with great weather to boot.
Nat_Champ_Podiums 1Sun_Nat_Champ 115Nat_Champ_Podiums 2Nat_Champ_Podiums 3Nat_Champ_Podiums 4Nat_Champ_Podiums 5Nat_Champ_Podiums 6Nat_Champ_Podiums 7Nat_Champ_Podiums 8Nat_Champ_Podiums 9Nat_Champ_Podiums 10Nat_Champ_Podiums 11Sun_Nat_Champ 57Sun_Nat_Champ 46Sun_Nat_Champ 54Sun_Nat_Champ 53Sun_Nat_Champ 50Sun_Nat_Champ 48Sun_Nat_Champ 12Sun_Nat_Champ 9