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August 11th saw the very first addition to the north berks super trial with 5 of the womens top British riders
NBSTL12_ 117-25-01NBSTL12_ 217-08-45NBSTL12_ 317-02-56NBSTL12_ 417-02-54NBSTL12_ 516-51-11NBSTL12_ 616-39-09NBSTL12_ 716-38-26NBSTL12_ 816-33-50NBSTL12_ 916-33-17NBSTL12_ 1016-16-01NBSTL12_ 1116-10-48NBSTL12_ 1216-10-46NBSTL12_ 1316-10-37NBSTL12_ 1416-10-28NBSTL12_ 1516-08-54NBSTL12_ 1616-08-46NBSTL12_ 1716-08-37NBSTL12_ 1816-07-12NBSTL12_ 1915-50-53NBSTL12_ 2015-47-56